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Workflow Wizard – Templates & Tutorials for Freelancers

The most successful freelancers have one thing in common: They provide an excellent experience for their clients.

The money is in ongoing relationships with clients. Being able to predict your future income and feel secure knowing you have £££ coming in each month is CRITICAL.

Basically, having a clean workflow and creating an easy, professional system will do absolute wonders for your business and your mental health.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

When I first started freelancing, my processes were ALL OVER THE PLACE (I still cringe when I think about the one deadline I missed because I forgot to check I had access to a brief 😭).

It wasn’t until I got my sh** together and created a systemised approach to signing new clients and doing my best work that things started to change.

Now, I have a library of templates and a water-tight process which means I never miss a step and can deliver high-quality work without even thinking about it.

Introducing Workflow Wizard…

A healthy, streamlined business doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Charm your clients with slick processes and make your life easier with no-trickery templates, capacity planning tutorials, and a workflow you can plug and play for every single client.

There’s no secret potion or hocus pocus to a thriving freelance business. It’s simply a case of good workflows and time-saving templates.

Workflow Wizard is a step-by-step guide to onboarding, working with, and offboarding clients in a professional, systemised way. Each step is enhanced with handy templates you can use right now, as well as email scripts that will save you a ton of time.

You’ll get:

  • Onboarding and offboarding templates
  • Proposal templates
  • Contract templates
  • Rates sheet templates
  • Content brief templates
  • Sample email scripts for upselling, asking for testimonials, and avoiding the dreaded scope creep
  • Video tutorials that walk you through how I calculate my max capacity and how I create an easy workflow

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