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Wondr AI – Automate your print on demand store with AI

Wondr AI – Create over 1000s of one-of-a-kind products daily with Wondr AI. Plus, effortlessly list your new AI-generated products on social media and online marketplaces like Google & Etsy.
– No coding required

Automate your product designs at scale with AI
Generate, publish and list +1000 unique print on demand products a day and distribute them to your store by using APIs from companies like OPEN AI.

Automate your social media posts at scale with AI
Leverage your new AI to automatically create, schedule, and post on your brand’s behalf. Start posting around the clock without the need for human input.

Automate listing on marketplaces at scale with AI
Automatically distribute your products to your favorite marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, Google Shopping, Facebook Shopping, Instagram Shopping and the Shop app.

Start scaling your organic traffic with AI product listings
Dominate high volume and low volume listings on marketplaces by combining keyword research and product automations to create an unfair advantage.

Create thousands of unique products with AI
Learn how we use AI to generate thousands of unique products per day without manually typing in prompts into OPEN AI.

Automate fulfillment with print on demand
Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional order fulfillment and hello to a more streamlined process.

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