Waziper – Whatsapp Marketing Tool


Waziper – Whatsapp Marketing Tool

Waziper is a Whatsapp marketing tool designed to help businesses and marketers reach their audience on one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. The platform allows users to create and send personalized messages, broadcasts, and campaigns to their subscribers’ Whatsapp accounts.

With Waziper, businesses can segment their audience and target them with relevant and engaging messages, enhancing their chances of conversion. The platform provides features for sending text, images, and even short videos to users’ Whatsapp accounts, helping to capture their attention and encourage interaction.

Waziper also provides features for automating Whatsapp campaigns, enabling users to schedule messages, set up autoresponders, and create drip campaigns. This automation can help businesses save time and resources while maintaining consistent communication with their audience.

In addition to its marketing features, Waziper also provides analytics and reporting tools that allow businesses to track their campaigns’ performance. Users can see metrics such as message delivery rates, open rates, and click-through rates, which help them optimize their campaigns and achieve better results.

Overall, Waziper is an excellent choice for businesses and marketers looking to reach their audience on Whatsapp. With its range of features for creating and sending personalized messages, automating campaigns, and tracking performance, Waziper provides everything businesses need to run successful Whatsapp marketing campaigns.


Waziper is WhatsApp Marketing Software based on PHP Script. It is the best solution for Small or Large Companies, Software Companies, Digital Marketers as well as you can use it as the software-as-a-service (SaaS).

  • 5.0.1