The Futur – Operating System


The Futur – Operating System

Stressful project experiences don’t create happy clients.​

Even if you’re comfortable with the “magic” of your creative process, your clients may be feeling lost, confused, and stressed. Unhappy clients lead to an unhappy bottom line. If you notice any of these patterns, your project management system may be failing:

  • Clients ask for too many revisions or delay feedback
  • Your projects take a lot longer than planned
  • Clients try to take control of the creative process
  • Your projects don’t profit as much as they should

It’s hard to navigate when you feel like you’re under water.​

Your creative business requires clear communication, attention to detail, and the ability focus on several things at the same time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have several projects running at once, even especially if you work with a team. You may need a new way to work if you’re experiencing any of these red flags:

  • Having trouble focusing on what’s important now
  • Struggling to keep track of details between projects
  • Feeling like you have so much to do, the work day never ends

Not feeling confident when talking about your creative process

Finding the right set of tools to run your creative business is tough.​
Today’s business and project management solutions can fall short of what a growing studio needs. You can stitch multiple digital products together, but this can be expensive and time consuming to maintain. Ideally, you’d want to do everything in one place:

  • Track and improve your sales process (CRM)
  • Manage your creative projects, clients, and teams
  • Optimize creating social media content
  • Store important documents, contacts, and files
  • Centralize communication and access to information
  • Make spreadsheets a thing of the past

Manage Projects and Tasks​
Using preconfigured databases, you’ll be able to start a new project, schedule workflows, and create assignable tasks simply. Adopt our existing workflows, or adapt them to your process: it’s infinitely customizable within Notion.

Track Sales and Deal Flow​
What gets measured improves. And with our simplified deal pipeline, you can track how well your sales process performs. Start by using our sales process with pre-built tasks for each stage of the deal flow, and customize it to your needs.

Everything At A Glance​
Store contact information, meeting notes, feedback conversations, moodboards, and documents all in one centralized location. Then keep everything at eye-level with customized database views that help you make decisions at a glance.


The Futur - Operating System is an all-in-one template to manage projects, clients, and sales for your agency, studio, or freelance business.