Not Another Instagram Course

In On 27/01/2024


Not Another Instagram Course by José Rosado

Finally, a way to gain Instagram Followers that actually works without daily posting, optimizing your bio, creating reels, or the $1.80 strategy!
(And It Only Takes 20 Minutes A Day)

It’s a 56-minute masterclass where you’ll discover:

• My old, failed strategy that cost me my mental sanity—and the strategy that was born from it.

• The 20-minute strategy: the simplest method for producing content quickly and without overthinking.

• What Instagram coaches tell you to do (that doesn’t actually work).

• 4 never-before-seen rules for faster growth – It’s where I take on the Instagram Coach status quo.

• What you absolutely must do to gain followers (hint: it’s only two things).

• How to instantly increase your engagement with little effort.

• The 3 components of the perfect carousel (it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, yet so simple).

• A powerful 3-ingredient formula to create hooks, posts, and captions (this is my go-to formula).

• The 3 ways to deal with hate so that you have a better experience on Instagram

• 5 simple attention-grabbing tactics to boost engagement (so simple, you can implement them in seconds—this is not an exaggeration).

• How I design carousels with the ultimate free design app (hint: it’s not Canva).

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