The Affiliate Profit Formula + OTOs


The Affiliate Profit Formula + OTOs

The Affiliate Profit Formula + OTOs – “How To Finally ‘Crack’ The Affiliate Code Leveraging THREE Powerful Affiliate Methods That Make Me Over $260+ PER DAY!”

Dear Affiliate….

It hit my inbox in February 2018 and it was the one thing that turned my results around. More on that later…
I remember the feeling of despair, anguish, anger and shame as I took yet another creditors’ call….

I had been jobless for around four months and despite having a range of skills and a long career under my belt, I simply COULD NOT find a job to save myself. It felt like no matter where I turned, I just couldn’t catch a break.
This all came to a head as the levels of debt were too much to handle and I was forced to declare bankruptcy. It was a horrible experience and one of the most humiliating times of my life….

Yet another failed business attempt under my belt. Yet another setback on my dream of working for myself….
Yet another JOB (just over broke) I would NEED to find in order to just survive.

Perhaps you can relate?

P.s The bankruptcy would later be one of the greatest experiences of my life, but more on that later…
Failure wasn’t ever going to be an option for me and I was determined to fulfill my dream of ‘living the laptop lifestyle.’ I was adamant I would make this whole ‘online thing’ work.

The question remained….

How is it that so many people seem to make this look so easy? How is it that some people make bank and others struggle? What am I missing?
Determined and Undeterred…

Okay, so perhaps ‘undeterred’ wasn’t the most accurate description of my situation, but despite the myriad of setbacks I would continue to face over the coming years, I kept at it.
I knew there must be something missing…

How do the ‘guru’s’ continue to make stupid amounts of cash and I’m stuck with little-to-no results?

I kept searching and kept trying EVERYTHING I could find…
Despite my best efforts, my results were sub-par at best and non existent at worst. I felt like giving up and I almost did a number of times.
Then in February in 2018, I received an email that would change my results and dare I say, the course of how my affiliate career would unfold…

Over the next year and a half I would go on to refine this technique.
In fact, I realised that that alone was just one cog in the affiliate machine. I started questioning myself…

​Wouldn’t it be great if I had more than just the one method to make consistent profits online?
What if I had THREE unique ways to grow my business and income streams?

Most importantly… What if I could help others replicate these results?
I set out once again determined to discover and test other methods of making consistent income online.

Here’s What I Uncovered….

Method 1.
A time-tested method for bringing in consistent income online (works DAILY). Around 1 hour of work can provide passive income for 3-4 days after. The best result I saw (not mine, sadly) was $38k off the back of it. This looks to arbitrage low competition and high returns off one of the worlds largest sites. (Hint: It’s Youtube, but not the way you think)

Method 2.
This method allowed me to make money time and time again, build my reputation and my asset base. If ever I needed some extra cash, I would do this one thing and be able to pay for it. Better yet, it is timeless and will remain true for many years to come. In fact, it’s origins lie in the times way before the internet, but this is completely new for 2020 and beyond!

Method 3.
This one is probably my favourite. I can either choose to do the very simple work myself, or completey outsource it very easily. This makes me passive income monthly….In fact, I plan on doubling down on my efforts with this as I still believe it is untapped. Do this once and you may have PASSIVE INCOME from it for MONTHS and even YEARS later!

The Affiliate Profit Formula
Not one, not two, but THREE PROVEN and easy-to-setup methods to finally help you find that affiliate success you’ve yearned for. Use in isolation or together to maximise your results and your returns!

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