Earned $7.4k In A Single Month on Medium

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Earned $7.4k In A Single Month on Medium

📰 1M Views on Medium with earnings exceeding $40k.

Let’s be honest; you might not make the same amount. You might make less, and you might make more. The only way to know that is to try this side hustle.~

This guide consists of:

📕 E-Book (~20 pages)

📹 Extra: Detailed Video Guide (~25 minutes visual guide)

Contents that will be covered.

  • Signing Up
  • Important Know-hows
  • Medium Navigation
  • Writing Your First Article
  • Topic Research
  • Secrets to Earning

The E-book also mentions some information about the new algorithm of August 2023.

Exact Table of Contents:

  • How Much Money Can You Really Make on Medium?
  • One thing to consider before signing up on Medium
  • The Essential Know-How on Medium
  • Becoming Part of The Medium Partner Program
  • Medium Navigation
  • The Secrets of Writing
  • Writing Your First Article
  • Use Grammar Checking tools
  • Use Images
  • Don’t Be a Control Freak
  • Don’t Sweat the Comments
  • Entertain All The Way
  • Finding the Right Topics to Write About
  • Know Your Reader, Know Yourself
  • Trending is King.

The Medium Money Formula: How to Earn More Money

  • ONE. Understand the New Algorithm
  • TWO. Controversy is Triggering.
  • THREE. Curation is a Hidden Gem
  • FOUR. Consistency is the only path
  • FIVE. Publications make a difference.

The Final Word: What You Need to Remember

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    E-Book and Visual Guide on How To Start Earning Via Medium