Decade-Plus Mail Swipe File

In On 27/12/2023


Decade-Plus Mail Swipe File – Todd Brown

This is a swipe file of the best sales letters written by ELITE marketers like Dan Kennedy, Agora Financial, Russell Brunson, Bottom Line Health, Health & Healing, Stansberry Research, Caleb O’Dowd, Frank Kern and more…

There’s 5 binders in total… And over 4000+ pages of copy that you can swipe, inspire or model your copy after… Which is extremely valuable…
It’s like a cheat-code that shows you exactly what your copy should look like to make more sales.

The swipes tell you everything you need to know about what appeals to use in your copy, what emotions you should target, and even the exact words that will make the reader buy from you.
You don’t have to figure any of that out… It’s already been done for you.

Usually you have to spend 10+ years subscribing to a bunch of different mailing lists and collecting everything they send you. So it takes time…
Which is why this massive 4000 page swipe file that Todd Brown put together is so convenient. He did all the work for you.

He collected all the salesletters for the last 10 years… And put the BEST ones in a swipe file for you. Includes 5 massive swipe files:

Dan Kennedy & Gkic – Vol 1 (799 pages)
Dan Kennedy & Gkic – Vol 2 (800 pages)
Well-Known Mailers – Vol 1 (799 pages)
Well-Known Mailers – Vol 2 (796 pages)
Magalogs (800 pages)

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