48 Laws Of Money

In On 22/08/2023


48 Laws Of Money by @MrOverpaid

I get so many DMs from guys asking me how I make so much money. So I thought I would put this eBook together explaining EVERYTHING I know about making money.

48 different points on how to get paid and start making money TODAY.

We all know school + college is a scam. You don’t live the lifestyle you want going to college for 4 years and then getting a 9-5 afterwards.
Most don’t know any different because they have been brainwashed by their parents + society. Investing in real estate and waiting 50 years to get “rich” isn’t possible anymore.

In this eBook I will completely change your mindset when it comes to making money. You will go from a consumer/employee mindset to producer/CEO mindset.
I tell people all the time you need to start looking at the money game differently. My Rolex collection is worth $200,000! And that’s just watches. U have to think differently !
This isn’t no short eBook with some super generic advice. This took me a long time to create and is FULL of actionable advice.

“48 Laws of Money” by @MrOverpaid is likely a guide, course, or resource that offers insights and strategies related to managing, growing, and leveraging money. The title suggests a reference to Robert Greene’s famous book “The 48 Laws of Power,” indicating that this resource might provide a similar set of rules or principles specifically focused on money management and financial success.

Key Aspects of “48 Laws of Money“:

Money Management: The resource could cover essential principles for effectively managing personal finances, budgeting, saving, and avoiding financial pitfalls.

Wealth Creation: It might offer strategies and advice for building wealth through investments, entrepreneurship, and other income-generating activities.

Financial Planning: The guide could emphasize the importance of setting financial goals, creating a financial plan, and working towards long-term financial stability.

Investing Strategies: The resource may provide insights into various investment options, asset classes, and strategies for growing one’s wealth.

Risk Management: It could cover techniques for assessing and managing financial risks, such as diversification and risk tolerance assessment.

Debt Management: The guide might address strategies for handling debt, managing credit, and avoiding excessive debt burdens.

Mindset and Habits: The resource could emphasize the role of mindset, attitudes, and habits in achieving financial success.

Real-Life Examples: The guide might include real-life case studies or examples of individuals who have successfully managed their finances and achieved financial freedom.

Financial Literacy: The guide could aim to improve readers’ financial literacy by explaining financial terms, concepts, and practices.

Personal Finance Tips: It might offer practical tips for saving money, reducing expenses, and making informed financial decisions.


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